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C#-only Full stack web development

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C#-only Full stack web development

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This course will get you started with modern web development - that is building the back-end and front-end using only C# programming language. That is now made possible because of Blazor and it has never been easier or more efficient to build such software. We will get started with some basics for Blazor and API development using .net core, then we will move on to some more advanced topics and merging the two together. Last, but certainly not least - will be an example of classroom quiz program, you see the whole thing in action and pick up some great tips and tricks in it.

Course Overview

  • 1. API development basics

  • 2. Blazor basics

  • 3. Files

  • 4. Dependency injections (services)

  • 5. Security

  • 6. Example: classroom quiz (Overview)

  • 7. Example: classroom quiz (API)

  • 8. Example: classroom quiz (Client)