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The Complete Web Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Course

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The Complete Web Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Course

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Welcome to The Complete Web Penetration Testing  & Bug Bounty Course

In this course, we are going to start from scratch and learn how to find vulnerabilities & bugs in Websites and Web Applications. Of course, we will learn this to notify the related authorities to make the internet a safer place and start making money out of this process. We are going to learn how hackers find vulnerabilities, how hackers do their attacks, and also how to protect ourselves against these attacks and submit these bugs to the related developers. We will never neglect theory but we will do hands-on experience practices all the time during the course. You will be hacking into vulnerable systems throughout the course.

This training is brought to you by Codestars by Rob Percival (+1.000.000 students) and Atil Samancioglu (+200.000 students). Atil teaches cybersecurity & programming for more than 5 years and he also teaches mobile development at Bogazici University. If you are looking forward to being a part of the cybersecurity environment then you found the right course and right instructor!

What you'll learn:

  • Web Application & Website Penetration Tests
  • Burpsuite
  • Bug Bounty
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals
  • Kali Linux
  • Web Security

You can see some of the topics that we are going to cover throughout the course below:

Web Application Pentesting


Kali Linux



Juice Shop

Owasp Top 10





SQL Injection

HTML Injection

PHP Injection

Shell Methods

File Vulnerabilities





Directory Traversal

Brute Force

Bug Bounty


This training is perfect for people who want to be an Ethical Hacker and a Bug Bounty Hunter. We are going to start from scratch and make our way up to all details. We are going to cover Kali Linux, Burpsuite, HTML, XSS, SQL, PHP Injection and so much more. All curriculum is designed to make you comfortable during the process.


This course aims to teach people how to become ethical hackers and cybersecurity specialists. All students must use the related information within legal boundaries as mentioned in the course to make the internet a safer place.

Who this course is for:

- People who want to learn about Web Pentesting;
- People who want to learn making totally legal money in cybersecurity;
- People who want to learn about Burpsuite.

Course Overview

  • 1. Section1: Introduction

  • 2. Section 2: Kali Linux Setup

  • 3. Section 3: HTML Crash Course

  • 4. Section 4: HTML Injection

  • 5. Section 5: PHP Injection

  • 6. Section 6: Command Execution & SSI

  • 7. Section 7: Directory Traversal

  • 8. Section 8: XSS

  • 9. Section 9: CSRF

  • 10. Section 10: Brute Force

  • 11. Section 11: SQL Crash Course

  • 12. Section 12: SQL Injection Introduction

  • 13. Section 13: SQLi GET Request

  • 14. Section 14: SQLi Advanced

  • 15. Section 15: Juice Shop

  • 16. Section 16: Information Gathering

  • 17. Section 17: Making Legal Money